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Physical Therapy Aide / Front Desk Receptionist


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We are seeking a Physical Therapy Aide to join our team! You will assist with daily operations of a physical therapy facility and the ability to work under the supervision of physical therapists.

Prepare treatment equipment and rooms
Liaising between patients, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and other departments
Assisting patients to walk, sit, and stand, as well as transporting them via wheelchair to locations within the facility
Observing patients performing prescribed physical exercises and immediately reporting concerns
Performing basic prescribed treatments such as applying ice packs or heat pads as instructed
Performing administrative tasks, including ordering supplies, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments
Verify patient’s insurance coverage
Cleaning and sanitizing equipment and therapy areas, as well as changing linen

Previous experience in physical therapy, rehabilitation, or other related field preferred but not required
Ability to handle physical workload
Ability to build rapport with patients
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Strong leadership qualities


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