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Job DescriptionThank you for your interest in our position at The Center For Foot & Ankle Medicine! We are a well-known Podiatry medical office business located in Central Florida! Since 1997, our commitment to quality service and quality foot care is our goal to all of our patients.

This position is a part-time 3-hour work shift Monday – Friday at our Orlando office. Please carefully read all the requirements and details regarding this position.

(This position is open to female applicants only).

Orlando Office

5767 Curry Ford Rd

Orlando, FL 32822

* Located across the Sedano’s Supermarket and across the BP Oil station.



As a Medical Assistant, you will multitask and oversee a variety of office duties included but not limited to the following required tasks:

* Greet patients at front window for including sign-in and registration.
Walk patients to and from treatment rooms.
Verify and print patient paper forms for the next office business day for both Orlando and Kissimmee offices.
Billing List of patients of the day.
Answer phone calls (schedule appointments, attend incoming calls).
* The practice is looking for employees that are bilingual in both English and Spanish. It is not required to speak Spanish but strongly recommended..


Qualifications (Required)

Must have at minimum of 3 years experience – recommendations recommended.
Must be legally authorized to work.
Have a strong background in verbal and ** electronic communication.
No visible tattoos on arms, face, hands or neck.
** You must have an intermediate or strong understanding of how to operate and use a Windows computer. Chrome and our scanning program will be used heavily during this position.

You must know how to perform:

Basic typing: looking up information on Chrome, PracticeFusion (our office program) with patient Date Of Birth’s, entering patient information.
Microsoft Word: type billing list, saving, opening
Process scanning documents via scan machine.
Answer phone using system ‘answer’ and ‘decline’ calls.
This is crucial to your position and is strongly required.




You will be interviewed at our office as soon as your application is reviewed. Should you need to cancel or reschedule your interview or present any concerns, inform us beforehand.

Your position over a three (3)-hour work shift is to regulate the front desk to ensure the upmost efficiency of office work. Your pay is based on your work ethics and positive benefits to the business overtime during your work shift at the office(s). Any specifics regarding pay or accommodations to your schedule can be discussed during the interview with Dr. Nieves.

+ A mask is required as part of our office policy, as we follow the CDC guidelines. Please wear it during the interview.

> Please wear business casual to the meeting. Bring your paperwork, ID & letters of recommendations.


Attire For Position

Navy blue office scrubs are required for attire. No fonts. No prints. No colors other than monotone navy blue.
Sneakers are required per office policy.
Jewelry must be limited to earring studs or small hoops. Hair must be put back in a ponytail or bun. Bracelets are allowed but do not over exceed what a store display would show.
Long Term

We encourage applicants to transition to a full-time position at the practice. If this position suits you based on your schedule and other factors, a permanent position would be discussed with Dr. Nieves.


Does this job position work best for you? Apply today!


We are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients and you are a main part of that process. Please allow our office to review your applications in the order they are received. We sincerely thank you for reviewing our application and look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Vanessa Nieves

Dr. Geovanny Chico

The Center For Foot & Ankle Medicine

Company DescriptionSince 1997, our commitment to quality service with quality Podiatry care is our goal to all of our patients.
The Center for Foot and Ankle Medicine
Why Work Here?Our practice is an inclusive and welcoming environment to all backgrounds; patients and staff, with your foot health as our priority.
Since 1997, our commitment to quality service with quality Podiatry care is our goal to all of our patients.

5767 Curry Ford Rd

Orlando, FLUSA


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