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Shipping Worker - Refrigerated Warehouse


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Performs any combination of receiving, storing, and distributing tasks to assist in the manufacture and/or distribution of product.


High School diploma or GED equivalent
Must be organized and detail oriented
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to read chemical labels and follow safe handling procedures for food grade products.
Must be able to work weekends, and varying shifts (days, evenings, nights).
Ability to accurately record data.
Must maintain a valid forklift certification issued by the company.

Must be able to routinely lift up to 60 lbs.
Ability to constantly pull up to 270 lbs. with a pull rod while walking backwards.
Position requires frequent lifting, reaching, climbing, pulling, stooping and kneeling.
To walk/stand on your feet constantly during your shift.
Ability to work extended periods in a cold, damp environment.
Maintain constant mental focus and constantly be aware of surroundings.

Manual or vehicular transfer of finished product.
Loads/unloads, stacks, and moves items (ingredients/product) as assigned.
May sort, bundle, and fill containers or place in assembled units.
May mark or put identifying labels on product loads.
May record movement of stock in/out of work areas.
Monitors materials, products, and equipment at each stop of process and reports irregularities to supervisor.
Borden Dairy
Orlando, FLUSA
Transportation and Storage


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