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Gerente de Distrito




1. Implementing Corporate Strategy within the District by:
Consistently communicating and implementing Barri’s goals, values, strategies and policies.

Ability to forecast financial goals for his/her district and meet financial targets as outlined in the budget.

Delegating secondary responsibilities to Territory Managers.

Set an example of professionalism for all personnel to follow.

2. Staffing and Training within the District by:
Coordinating recruitment of Territory Managers.

Ensuring adherence to the new hire training standards

Maintaining the District Training program.

3. Administering Day-to-Day Operations within the District:
Monitoring controllable expenses and initiating corrective actions as necessary.

Supervising timely and accurate accounting and reporting from the stores to Corporate Office.

Liaison between Corporate Office and district stores to facilitate an efficient flow of information in both directions and resolving issues as they occur.

Controlling and managing company inventories and assets including, but not limited to, monitoring store cash levels.

Ensuring store safety and security procedures are followed.

Conducting store visits and audits as required.

Identify and respond to potentially fraudulent transactions.

Enforcing check limits and completion of authorization forms. Ability to insure proper recourse is obtained and implement procedures for “turndown”.

Monitoring collections process to ensure continuity of follow-up and documentation.


Responding to customer concerns in a timely, appropriate manner.

Ensuring the store staff maintains and exceeds customer service standards.

Must be proficient in and perform all of the responsibilities of Territory Managers, as needed.

Ensuring compliance with customer service standards.

4. Developing Business within the District by:
Implementing district marketing tactics in conjunction with National programs.

Ensuring each store has a local area marketing plan in effect.

Developing a network of contacts within the business community

Maintaining proper store signage and lighting. P a g e | 3

Identify and evaluate new store sites within the district and reporting them to Market Development.

Identify local competitors and recommending revenue building opportunities.

5. Human Resources:  Effectively interviewing and selecting candidates suitable for employment.

Completing required HR paperwork on a timely basis, including but not limited to: new hire processing, terminations, benefits enrollment, and status changes.

Demonstrating sound judgment with subordinates, recognizing individual differences and abilities, in order to build solid teams at all locations.

Develop and execute District succession plans and performance reviews.

Administering progressive discipline according to established guidelines.

6. Communication  Conducts weekly staff meetings and one on ones.

Conducts a monthly managers meeting.

Accessibility via pager to respond to check approvals and emergencies in a timely manner, 24 hours a day.

7. Completing all other job related tasks as directed.


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